Riemann Network-A Blockchain-Based Data Value Network

In recent years, with the promotion of artificial intelligence, AIoT, cloud computing and other technologies, and with the rapid development of e-commerce and social networks, the global data volume is expanding and increasing without limits, becoming the basis of the development of the big data industry.

Global big data market size forecast and growth rate from 2016 to 2027

In life, every piece of data information generated by human individual behavior has value, and as a data provider, it should receive certain rewards. However, information privacy leakage and platform trust crisis have become a barrier to the establishment of a super big data world. At the same time, there are still many data demanders, who can’t help with cost-effective and accurate data. Under this background, the Riemann network combining “big data + blockchain” innovative business came into being.

The Riemann Network is a magnificent project initiated by the FRED TECHNOLOGY LIMITED through community-based collaboration. Some industry experts have begun to build community incentives to invite the world’s top geeks and well-known businesses to complete together.

In the future, Riemann Network will build a unique digital economic ecosystem, which includes a Bounty Mall, anti-counterfeiting traceability system, supply chain circulation system, data on-chain, data analysis, business service system, Riemann talent pool, cross-border payment application , Digital token exchange center, cross-chain technology services,these ten innovation systems link each ecological factor to promote ecological development.

Riemann Network aims to build a big data autonomous ecosystem that is a win-win situation for data manufacturers, data demanders and data value-added service providers, and we look forward to your joint participation.

Based on blockchain technology, various types of data are used to build a new and complex big data world. Official email: riemann.network@gmail.com